the tour in brief

The tour was ….. funny and full of surprises. Maybe the booking was a bit too tough (4 countries in 1 week and nova huta and i are not the youngest anymore) so it was no wonder that after finishing the tour last week i went straight to bed with a flu--I am still there. It was only the second day of the tour—we were in Heidelberg—when we spontaneously decided to reach for new limits by doing an almost 4 hour long show including a schmusesong competition, where we cannot even remember the winners. Maybe it all started because some anonymous friend put 2 glasses of straight up vodka on stage.

The day after we played in cozy wagon in Stuttgart. We expected it to be nice and familiar but the place was so overcrowded, that the stage disappeared and there was hardly any place to dance. Amidst all of this confusion I smashed a digital camera ( sorry, oli) and did the merchandising from stage during nova huta’s encore.

One week later we all met again in Athens in a 19th century temple for the berlinblinddate party at Zappeion. Thanks to the superb presswork of the Goethe institute in Athens (big articles in all newspapers) all sorts of people came to see what the hoopla was all about. We were happy that some of them stayed to play the Chinese horoscope and to see neoangin’s show as well as a surprise performance visit by 4 dancers (hey, even I was surprised).

I used the day off in berlin to hang the exhibition at Kurt im Hirsch and do an interview with ZIPP /RBB that you can see here.
The next morning I flew to Moscow to be jury member at a new short film festival. Little did I know that I’d have to give a speech in the rather large cinema--good thing that I was already slightly drunk when they asked me to the stage.
The day after I played a late afternoon set in a brand-new Moscow gallery complex. The interior temperature was about as low as the outside temp and half the audience consisted of TV teams so I left the stage and did the show from among the audience as to not get a cold. 2 days later—in Barcelona--the police showed up just before I was getting ready to hit the stage. I had to play at room volume and asked the audience not to clap but to wave hands instead which looked really lovely.

Finally I returned to berlin and did a little show at my art opening standing on top of an old oven. This exhibition with title “ the return of the freaks” was also the official release of the new album.


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Highway to Hello
Highway to Hello


Friday, 4. May 2018
D Köln Illustratoren Festival

Saturday, 5. May 2018
D Wiesbaden Landesmuseum

Friday, 18. May 2018
NL Amsterdam OD Gallery

Friday, 8. Jun 2018
D Stuttgart Oberwelt

Saturday, 9. Jun 2018
D Kaiserslautern tbc


Monday, 16. Apr 2018
CH Zürich Boschbar

Sunday, 15. Apr 2018
CH Bern Cafe kairo

Saturday, 14. Apr 2018
CH Luzern Fumetto

Friday, 2. Mar 2018
D Ravensburg Kunsthalle

Friday, 16. Feb 2018
D Berlin Valentinsstüberl

Saturday, 27. Jan 2018
D Berlin Berlinized birthdayparty

Thursday, 25. Jan 2018
D Hannover feinkost lampe

Friday, 12. Jan 2018
D Hamburg 2025 Kunst u Kultur

Saturday, 9. Dec 2017
NL Amsterdam tbc

Wednesday, 6. Dec 2017
BEL Bruxelles La Senne

Sunday, 3. Dec 2017
D Berlin Reformbühne

Saturday, 2. Dec 2017
D Berlin Neurotitan friendly capitalism Lounge

Sunday, 19. Nov 2017
Ch Zürich Dynamo

Saturday, 18. Nov 2017
D Bonn Cheapart-sensation

Friday, 17. Nov 2017
D Berlin KOB Zeitreise in die 80er